Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Online Garage Sale

Update December, 2012. I created this site a couple of years ago to empty the garage of unneeded parts; it's time to do it again. I'll be posting a link on most of the BMW forums.

There are separate frames below for new and used parts, mostly for older BMW, Alfa, Mercedes, and Volvo autombiles - I may add a third section for computer components/ misc. items later.

Payment Methods  

This site utilizes an integrated Google Checkout Shopping Cart - the payment gateway is similar to Paypal, but easier and more secure - and less expensive. If you have a gmail account you can use Google Wallet - in my opinion it offers better buyer protection than Paypal.

You can view and remove items from the shopping cart; when you're ready to check out you can choose a shipping option and it will calculate the total.

As other payment methods can't be integrated into the Google shopping cart, if you would rather pay with your Amazon Account, email me with your shipping preferences and you can click the logo below and send payment via Amazon to: or email and I'll send an Amazon invoice/payment request to the specified email.

Of course, if you're local, you can come by and pick up your parts. If you would rather have me email an invoice and pay by check/money order, that's fine, too. 

Do not hesitate to email me at with requests for more images, info, specs, etc. - glad to do it.


New Parts

Used Parts